Two Boys Spanked By Dad With The Belt

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There is nothing that strikes fear in boys than hearing ones mother say “Wait until your father gets home!”  The mere mention of those words is enough to strike fear in the hearts of even the most disobedient of boys.  Aside from the growing dread as the minutes tick off to hours during the countdown of doom the boys have to go though their day knowing that when the magic time hits and their father’s car pulls into the driveway they are in for a very very painful spanking.

Its enough to ruin these twinks day as they wait patiently knowing what is indeed in store for them when their Daddy gets home.  Sitting on the couch with fear.  Will he use his hand?,  will he use the belt?  Will they be made to pull down their pants and get their spanking on the bare bottom!  The thoughts of dread are too much for these boys!  They simply wish to get the spanking over with and nurse their torn tushies.

Well unfortunately for these two unruly boys their offences warrant a even more severe punishment then their imaginations could dream up.  The belt on the bare bottom is enough to bring tears to any unruly boys and indeed teach them a painful lesson.

From Spanking Twinks
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Spanking Twinks

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