Gay Spanking at a Boarding School

Growing up is indeed difficult for our boys.  Adolescence is difficult even for those who are not “different”.  You can imagine the torment one goes through if he is like this boy.  Of course our Republican friends want to make it quite acceptable to try to beat the gay out of boys.  And try to make it difficult at every turn. 

But the worst are those schools with a student hierarchy with the power to punish at a whim.  This senior boy takes particular delight in whipping the bottoms of younger “different” boys.  Considering he likes them to pull their pants down suggests that he himself is a self loathing homosexual much like most of the conservative republicans out there. 

This indeed is of course no comfort to the young man getting his bare bottom beaten first with a hand and then with the strap for the imaginary dust the head boy found.  Perhaps one day he will get his revenge but for now he has to grit his teeth and bare the painful bare bottom spanking. 

From Dreams of Spanking
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